Internet Plans for Businesses

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  • AEC10 Ethernet over Copper (10/10)

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  • Business NBN | Unlimited Data | 100/40 + Static IP Address

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    • Suitable for Multiple users engaging in online video conferencing, large file sharing, heavy use of the internet and cloud services
      Includes static IP address and 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Business Fibre Internet Standard (point2point)

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    • $550 covers
  • Internet Connection (Fibre) TSF20/20 - Monthly

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    • Internet Connection (Fibre) TSF20/20 - Monthly
  • Business NBN | Unlimited Data | 25/5 + Static IP Address

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    • Business NBN | Unlimited Data | 25/5 + Static IP Address
  • Internet Plans - Commercial - Business NBN | Unlimited Data | 50/20 + Static IP Address

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    • Perfect NBN Plan for Offices and Users for up to 10 Connections uncluding VOIP Phones
  • Wireless Fibre Business 50/50 with Backup Link

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    • Fibre Internet with fixed speed 50/50Mbs
      Backup Link
      Static IP Address
      VoIP Capabilities
  • 4G Business Backup with VoIP Support

    From $27.50/mo
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    • 4G Backup with the different upstream provider to the main Internet Line

      When the internet goes down it affects all businesses. 4G Backup connection automatically * comes up when the main link goes down.

      - Speeds up to 50Mbs
      - * Automatic switch when the link goes down when the network is equipped with Dual WAN Router
      - VoIP Services-compatible service
      - Limit to 40GB per month of data. Additional data is charged at $40 per 40GB