Guaranteed Ethernet over Fibre 50/50 : Unlimited (36 months)
Starting from
NBN Plan Basic 100GB Download Allownce / per month | 12/1 Mbps
Free Modem
nbn™ approved. High-speed AC 1600 Mbps dual-channel WiFi
Preconfigured for data & voice
Use with your existing telephone
(12 month Plan)
Static IP Address (1)
Starting from
$59.99 Setup Fee
NBN (HFC) Plan 25/5 - 500GB Download allowance
Starting from
NBN Plan Standard Unlimitted 12 months / No connection fee
Starting from
NBN Plan Premium Unlimited / No Connection Fee/ Free Modem
Free WiFi Modem
Unlimited Downloads
12 month plan
Unlimited Home Phone (VoIP) (not in the bundle)
Unlimited international calls to
Add this great-value call pack for unlimited home phone calls. Transfer your existing number for free
Unlimited local & national calls
Unlimited 1300/13 calls
Unlimited calls to Australian mobiles (in Aus)
UK, New Zealand, USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Canada, China, Singapore. Other country call rates
Line rental
State-of-the-art call
Starting from
NBN Standard Plus Plan 500GB 50/20 12 months / No connection fee/ Free Modem
Increased speeds at 50/20 including 500GB of data per month, this is great for multiple devised on the one connection.