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Protective Agent (24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance) Subscription
24/7 hardware monitoring
memory, hard disk, processor utilisation
Automatic Microsoft updates and patching
Library of automation scripts to fix the known software issues
Regular maintenance and clean up of temporary files
Ai-based Sentinel One Antivirus Protection
DNS Filtering is avaialble as an option
30-Days cancellation policy applies
DNS Secure Filtering
Thousands of harmful websites are created each day, and malicious advertising, phishing sites, and other security threats can bypass legacy web filters. As new malicious websites and URLs crop up daily, legacy web content filtering tools can’t keep up and may let through zero-day threats, ransomware, and fileless malware attacks.
DNS Filtering gives stronger protection against these threats and greater network protection and visibility

- Use AI and machine learning to recognize and block malicious websites in real time
- Get DNS protection on a fast and reliable network
- Create custom filtering rules for business network, parents or kids (*)

(*) price per computer or site. Computer license is the software that is installed on a computer and protects the computer even when working from a different location. Site license protects a single network and all devices connected to it. Individual filters / rules are not configurable on a site level.
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Res-Q Support Agent
Remote On-Demand Assistance package
Allows the customer to request the remote assistance from Res-Q Team without the need to install additional software.
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Managed Products - ESET Endpoint
ESET Endpoint is a managed Antivirus program
Automatic updates of virus signatures
Threat management is done by Res-Q Engineers
Automatic Annual renewal with 30 days cancelation notice required