Making Backups Simple

Backup Service Plans

Choose one of the plans below depending on what data you need to protect. While each service plan comes with a generous amount of cloud space, you can also store your backups locally on an external hard drive or a network folder. No matter what you backup or where you store your files, you will be able to access your data at any time and from anywhere in the world through a secure management console. All you need is an internet connection.


Must Have
$11per month
  • Protect your most critical files: resumes, text documents, databases, email messages - anything that your life depends on.
  • Up to 10GB Secure Cloud Space
Essential +
$25per month
  • Protect your critical files + work documents, selected graphics and photos.
  • Up to 100GB Secure Cloud Space
Advanced User
$55per month
  • Most popular! Protect everything: documents programs and settings with a snapshot of your entire computer!
  • Up to 300GB Secure Cloud Space

Service Details

Each Service Plan comes with a standard set of features, generous amount of cloud space, and one workstation backup agent. Additional backup agents and cloud space can be purchased in the control panel after the initial account setup.

Standard service features

  • Secure cloud storage (Australia-based)
  • Local storage (local folder, USB drive, network folder)
  • Local and cloud backup for flexible, hybrid protection with the ability to store backup copies in up to five different locations locally and in the cloud
  • Recovery of any platform from the cloud to bare metal
  • Web access to your backup files
  • Web management console to create and manage backups
  • Automated backup schedule
  • Backup recovery to dissimilar hardware
  • Optional file encryption (you keep the password)
  • Full and incremental backup
  • Full image backup (device snapshot)
  • Comprehensive online help
  • Industry-grade data protection technology
  • Automated billing
  • Email reports with backup status
  • Customer self-service backup monitor to control backups

Backup storage options

  • Local storage on your own hard drive – free.
  • Cloud storage in Australian Datacentre
    • “Must Have” – up to 10GB
    • “Essential+” – up to 100GB
    • “Advanced User” – up to 300GB

Please contact us if you require additional cloud space. We have unlimited amounts ready to be deployed within minutes.

Each backup service account comes with 1 FREE workstation backup agent. To backup additional computers, servers, or virtual machines, you’ll need to purchase additional agents.

A backup agent is a small piece of software which you need to install on each device you wish to protect. It will trigger backups according to your schedule and communicate with the central web-enabled management console.

Additional Backup Agent Pricing

Workstation: $10 per month
VM: $20 per month
Server: $50 per month

Cloud Storage

Please contact us if you require additional cloud space. We have unlimited amounts ready to be deployed within minutes.

  • Windows servers/desktops/laptops
  • Linux servers and desktops
  • Mac OS X desktops/laptops
  • VMware vSphere / Microsoft Hyper-V / RHEV / Linux KVM / Citrix XenServer / Oracle VM Server / Virtuozzo VMs and containers
  • Backup and recovery of selected files, folders, or a complete system
  • Application-aware backup of Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, and Windows system state
  • Granular recovery of Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and SharePoint data
  • Backup of mobile devices running iOS and Android with cross-platform cloud recovery
  • Support for local disaster recovery by running backups as virtual machines
  • Simplified P2V and V2V migration, on-premises or into the cloud