One backup a day keeps data loss away.

Here at Res-Q IT (the company behind Rescue Backup), majority of our work work is related to data protection – cleaning up computers form ransomware, viruses, and malware. While some systems are easy to clean up and bring back to a working state, many others are a totally different story.

Think about your computer right now. If the hard drive fails today, are you prepared to lose all your work documents, photos, emails, and other important files? Most of us have experienced some form of data loss. It’s only a matter of time when the drive fails. It’s not a questions of “if”, it’s the question of “when”.

– I have a backup, – ┬ásaid one of your clients whose drive failed. What a disastrous discovery it was when Res-Q Consultant checked the backup drive. The backups stopped a month after it has been set up by this client’s son.

– All of my files are on DropBox, – smiled another client who had a scam call from a hacker.. An it appeared that his Pictures were overwritten and encrypted leaving him with no chance to get his photos back.

Setting up backups are easy and really affordable. Give us a call today. We can protect your individual files, or the entire system. You’ll thank us later. Act now and enjoy the peace of mind, that your digital life is protected.